Does the continental breakfast have a higher impact on the environment than a full english?

Those dining at COP26 are learning of the carbon footprint of meals served at the conference. Surprisingly, a bacon roll has a slightly lower carbon footprint than a plant-based croissant. 

Barbara Pompii, French minister said “A croissant is so good. But it is fat and it’s not the best for carbon footprint. So I think we have to eat croissants because they are good but just a little less than other breakfasts.”

However, the debate for whether a continental breakfast has a higher impact on the environment than a full english is still up in the air. The point of the argument is, it depends what you have on there, and how much! 

Consuming 2 pieces of toast a day for a year, equates to 43kg of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the same impact as driving a petrol car for 111 miles, or heating the average UK home for 6 days. However, if you have a portion of bacon every day for a year, that equates to 656kg of greenhouse gases. This is equal to driving a car 1674 miles or heating a home for 104 days. 

It has been found that a quarter of emissions in the world is contributed to food and more than half come from animal products (58%)! 

Concluding this, everything is okay in proportion but maybe lowering your animal product intake is a good move. Not having 3 rashers a day but 1-2 days a week? And maybe think about your croissant intake too…

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