Waxman Charges Ahead with Integrated Technology and Unveils New myenergi Showroom!

This month, we’re looking at the fantastic ‘myenergi, whose core focus is to create a sustainable future through eco-smart technology. 

Describing themselves as a team of ‘experts, activists and inventors’, together they have a mission – to create not only a kinder, greener future for their customers through green technology but to ensure they save money in the process too.

Despite supplying tens of thousands of homes and businesses across the globe, each and every product is still designed and manufactured in their Lincolnshire workshop and lead by the original co-founders, Jordan Brompton and Lee Sutton.

By utilising the myenergi product range such as the ‘eddi’ and ‘harvi’, homeowners can easily divert energy around the home to be used where it’s needed it most –  complemented by the myenergi hub and app for easy monitoring. Working seamlessly with an existing PV system, each product in the myenergi range works together to harness surplus energy from solar panels to heat your rooms, hot water and even power the ‘zappi’ EV charger. 

Below we break down each product, with more technical features available directly from our website.

Microgeneration energy diverter

Rather than exporting excess energy to the grid, with the ‘eddi’ from myenergi, you can easily divert free solar energy to heat your hot water tank or rooms within your home. 

Through the use of a grid current sensor clipped around the incoming supply cable, ‘eddi’ is able to monitor excess power and adjust the voltage to the heater load, making full use of the surplus energy. 

View more on the ‘eddi’ from myenergi

Energy harvesting wireless sensor

Small and wall-mountable, the ‘harvi’ wireless power sensor, allows both the ‘zappi’ and ‘eddi’ to measure the grid and/or generation power, without the need for a wired current transformer (CT). 

All this is done using harvested energy from the sensor, which in turn, transmits the import/export information to the load controlling devices without the need for any batteries or electrical wiring. 

View more on the ‘harvi’ from myenergi 

Eco-smart charging station for electric vehicles


Available in 7kW and 22 kW, tethered or untethered models, the ‘zappi’ from myenergi is an eco-smart EV charger with three charging modes; ECO, ECO+ and FAST.

In the eco modes, the charging current is automatically and continually adjusted in relation to household power consumption – with FAST charge available at maximum power, (7kW max power with the single phase version or 22kW with the three-phase) the same as a regular ‘mode 3’ charging point. 

Offering dynamic load balancing and advanced integral safety features, the ‘zappi’ EV charger is streets ahead in terms of both flexibility and functionality. Without the need for an earth rod in most installations, install costs are also reduced – a feature currently unmatched by other chargers available on the market.

View more on the ‘zappi’ from myenergi

Remotely control & monitor your myenergi devices

Through the myenergi ‘hub’, homeowners can easily control and monitor available surplus energy and direct around their home.

Automatically checking and installing the latest myenergi updates, you can be sure that each myenergi home system is as up-to-date as possible, with access to new features as soon as they become available. 

View more on the ‘hub’ from myenergi

myenergi app
Remotely control & monitor your myenergi devices – straight from your phone

Take full advantage of ‘on-the-go’ control and monitoring, through the myenergi app. From pre-setting your heating and hot water via ‘eddi’, to changing your ‘zappi’ charging modes, homeowners can observe domestic live energy flow and diverted energy data through the app. 

Working alongside the myenergi ‘hub’, the myenergi app can be downloaded from both apple and android app stores free of charge. 

The Waxman myenergi Showroom

With the ‘zappi’ EV chargers selling out on pre-order months in advance and each myenergi training day filling up time and time again, the future looks increasingly bright for the new partnership. Ever so, that we decided to dedicate a wall in our PV and battery storage showroom to depicting how each product in the myenergi range links together so that visitors can see for themselves.

Designed in house, the new showroom features the eddi, harvi and hub, as well as both a tethered and untethered zappi models in both black and white which you can view below.

Want to view the showroom yourself or book onto the next training day?

Get in touch with our fantastic team, and we’ll be sure to help.