STA Investigates the Benefits of Solar Today

As shared on the Solar Trade Association‘s website, Angela Terry, founder of One Home: Positive Solutions  gives her thoughts on why now is the best time to revive the domestic solar installation market:

  • The prices of solar panels have plummeted, however, consumers are not aware of efficiency improvements or that the cost of an average installation has fallen to around £5,000.
  • Blazing hot summers are increasing the direct association in people’s minds to the power of renewable energy to reduce increasing energy bills.  
  • Women, in particular, are increasingly looking for ethical investments that provide a good return.
  • The future of mobility is electric and the synergy of solar for charging electric cars is key.  
  • Crucially, the impacts of climate change are dramatically increasing. This environmental awakening will only grow as extreme weather events intensify.  

Video: The Benefits of Solar Power

Click above to watch the video or read the read the full article over on the STA website.