Tigo Access Point – Wireless Communication Unit

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Brand: Tigo
Item Code: TAP
SKU: TG-10500

Tigo Access Point – Wireless Communication Unit

Tigo is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. Industry leaders in innovation the Tigo team developed the first-generation Smart Module Optimizer technology, for the solar industry. Tigo’s aims is to increase customer’s ROI by delivering smart PV technology, designed to yield maximum energy harvest at minimal cost, increase your system optimisation and reduce installation costs, with the installation of the Tigo Power Module – TS4-R-O.
The TS4 platform products, known as the smartest module MLPE, fully support the Flex MLPE architecture. This gives a range of additional features such as monitoring, optimisation and safety.
This cost saving solution allows you to add the Tigo power modules only to the modules that are affected by shading. Thus improving your system yield and saving on installation costs. The Tigo solution allows monitoring and full optimisation. The products can be deployed either on individual modules or on the complete system.

The Tigo Access Point (TAP) improves the data management of your solar system through seamless communication with Tigo Smart modules and retrofit devices. TAP significantly improves the level of security at module level deactivation. Combined with a Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA), the TAP offers unsurpassed insights into your solar system.

Key Features:

  • Communicate directly with up to 300 TS4 units
  • Use the Tigo SMART App on a mobile device for quick start-up
  • Provide grid status to TS$ MLPE for rapid shutdown UL compliance
  • Easy installation on the module frame without tools
  • Wireless mesh communication

Technical Data:

  • Input Voltage: 5VDC – 25VDC
  • Power Consumption: 0.5W average, 1W peak
  • Recommended cable type: RS485, 18-22AWG
  • Up to 300 TS4 units
  • Environmental rating: IP68, Type 4R
  • Dimensions: 126.2mm x 130.0mm x 26.8mm (with bracket)
  • Weight (CCA only): 227g
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +70°C
  • Maximum distance from TAP to closest TS4: 10m
  • Maximum distance from TAP to farthest TS4: 35m (115ft)
  • Each TAP supports up to 300 TS4 units

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