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  • Waxman Energy Wins Sustainability Company of the Year!

    Waxman Energy Wins Sustainability Company of the Year!

    We were absolutely thrilled to be named Sustainability Today's 'Company of the Year' for 2019!

    Below, our Sales Director, Sarah Wallace talks to Sustainability Today about the up's and down's of the current energy climate and why she's optimistic about the future.

    Sustainability Today
    Autumn Issue - view online here


    Waxman Energy: The Renewable Energy Solutions Experts

    Within this issue of Sustainability Today, we have selected Waxman Energy, a dedicated solar & EV distribution company, as our Sustainable Energy Company of the Year.

    Waxman Energy is part of the Waxman Group, a family run business that was first established over 60 years ago. Waxman Energy has gained unprecedented success since the company’s inception and has become one of the UK’s largest distributors of solar PV modules, battery storage and mounting solutions. Maintaining an expansive range of products Waxman Energy provides solutions for all residential and commercial solar installations.

    Due to the challenges that are facing the UK solar market, many competitors and companies have had to close. Determined to ride out the storm, Waxman Energy has embraced the uncertainty and dominates the solar market through their relentless ambition and devotion to increasing their product portfolio and exploration of other market options including the EV market and product training. 

    Speaking of the factors that have enabled Waxman Energy to continue its growth during the harder times that the industry is facing, Sarah Wallace, the newly appointed Sales Director for Waxman Energy noted, “within the company and team, we are very proactive. Although there have admittedly been many challenges within the industry, we feel we have a strong working business model and that we ultimately know our main goal and focus.”

    The team at Waxman Energy is truly the driving force behind the business, offering a plethora of services and the company has become highly regarded as a one-stop-shop for PV solar installations. Stocking an all-encompassing range of equipment and products to assist contractors in the installation of PV energy systems, Waxman Energy supplies: solar PV modules, grid-tied inverters, PV power storage, mounting systems, PV accessories and EV chargers.  

    From their head office in Elland, West Yorkshire, Waxman Energy looks after their customers from the initial design process to delivery. Using their shared expertise and technical knowledge the team at Waxman Energy provides the best consultancy and advice for their clients’ solar project.  With customer satisfaction being of the utmost importance to Waxman Energy, the company maintains a selection of specialist services including designs, technical help, quotation consultancy and an honest helpful support team. Waxman Energy goes the extra step forward in terms of its services and has invested in a purpose-built training centre, specifically designed to teach installers how to correctly install a range of products from battery storage to mounting solutions and EV chargers.

    “Our main focus,” Sarah stated, “is to work with as many installers as possible. We offer a range of services including training sessions to make sure that installers have a long term plan.”

    Waxman Energy takes pride in the products that they distribute and is determined to provide the highest quality products available from a selection of the world’s leading brands. Through the company’s dedication to quality, it strives to create relationships with manufacturers and customers that are long-lasting, trusting and efficient, to showcase the quality and excellence that Waxman Energy encompasses. 

    In terms of latest developments for Waxman Energy, the company has created many valued partnerships in recent years with their most notable this year being their collaboration with Myenergi, which has enabled Waxman Energy to introduce the Zappi EV car charger into their product range. Zappi is an eco-smart EV charge point that features specialist eco charging modes adaptable for homeowners with grid-tied microgeneration systems. Working alongside the ‘zappi’ are the myenergi ‘eddi’ and ‘harvi’ products allowing homeowners to easily divert surplus energy around the home and monitor through an in-house hub and mobile app.    

    Another notable partnership for Waxman is with leading manufacturing company VARTA Storage. A manufacturer of energy storage devices for both households and larger scale storage requirements, Waxman has introduced the battery storage system by Varta Storage into its product range and now distributes both the Varta Pulse 3 and Pulse 6.

    Upon receiving the award for ‘Company of the Year’, Sarah commented, “we are really excited and proud to receive the award. It feels amazing to have achieved something like this and it is a testament to all the hard work and dedication spent helping to maintain Waxman Energy’s market presence”.

    Praising her dedicated team, Sarah believes the achievements and success gained over the past year have all been down to the hard work and determination put in by the growing Waxman Energy team. “I’d like to thank everyone for all of their work” Sarah added, “and for us to continue the hard work into the future to gain even further success”.

    After an extremely challenging yet positive year for Waxman Energy, it is clear to see the company’s devotion to the solar energy industry and their commitment to providing the most innovative solutions and products for energy efficiency.

    For more information on Waxman Energy, you can visit their website or talk directly to their team over the phone or social media. 

    T 01422 371811

    Read the full article online

  • Waxman Charges Ahead with Integrated Technology and Unveils New myenergi Showroom!

    Waxman Charges Ahead with Integrated Technology and Unveils New myenergi Showroom! 

    This month, we’re looking at the fantastic ‘myenergi, whose core focus is to create a sustainable future through eco-smart technology. 

    Describing themselves as a team of ‘experts, activists and inventors’, together they have a mission - to create not only a kinder, greener future for their customers through green technology but to ensure they save money in the process too.

    Despite supplying tens of thousands of homes and businesses across the globe, each and every product is still designed and manufactured in their Lincolnshire workshop and lead by the original co-founders, Jordan Brompton and Lee Sutton.

    By utilising the myenergi product range such as the ‘eddi’ and ‘harvi’, homeowners can easily divert energy around the home to be used where it's needed it most -  complemented by the myenergi hub and app for easy monitoring. Working seamlessly with an existing PV system, each product in the myenergi range works together to harness surplus energy from solar panels to heat your rooms, hot water and even power the ‘zappi’ EV charger. 

    Below we break down each product, with more technical features available directly from our website.


    Microgeneration energy diverter

    Rather than exporting excess energy to the grid, with the ‘eddi’ from myenergi, you can easily divert free solar energy to heat your hot water tank or rooms within your home. 

    Through the use of a grid current sensor clipped around the incoming supply cable, ‘eddi’ is able to monitor excess power and adjust the voltage to the heater load, making full use of the surplus energy. 

    View more on the ‘eddi’ from myenergi

    Energy harvesting wireless sensor

    Small and wall-mountable, the ‘harvi’ wireless power sensor, allows both the ‘zappi’ and ‘eddi’ to measure the grid and/or generation power, without the need for a wired current transformer (CT). 

    All this is done using harvested energy from the sensor, which in turn, transmits the import/export information to the load controlling devices without the need for any batteries or electrical wiring. 

    View more on the ‘harvi’ from myenergi 

    Eco-smart charging station for electric vehicles


    Available in 7kW and 22 kW, tethered or untethered models, the ‘zappi’ from myenergi is an eco-smart EV charger with three charging modes; ECO, ECO+ and FAST.

    In the eco modes, the charging current is automatically and continually adjusted in relation to household power consumption - with FAST charge available at maximum power, (7kW max power with the single phase version or 22kW with the three-phase) the same as a regular ‘mode 3’ charging point. 

    Offering dynamic load balancing and advanced integral safety features, the ‘zappi’ EV charger is streets ahead in terms of both flexibility and functionality. Without the need for an earth rod in most installations, install costs are also reduced - a feature currently unmatched by other chargers available on the market.

    View more on the ‘zappi’ from myenergi

    Remotely control & monitor your myenergi devices

    Through the myenergi ‘hub’, homeowners can easily control and monitor available surplus energy and direct around their home.

    Automatically checking and installing the latest myenergi updates, you can be sure that each myenergi home system is as up-to-date as possible, with access to new features as soon as they become available. 

    View more on the ‘hub’ from myenergi

    myenergi app
    Remotely control & monitor your myenergi devices - straight from your phone

    Take full advantage of ‘on-the-go’ control and monitoring, through the myenergi app. From pre-setting your heating and hot water via ‘eddi’, to changing your ‘zappi’ charging modes, homeowners can observe domestic live energy flow and diverted energy data through the app. 

    Working alongside the myenergi ‘hub’, the myenergi app can be downloaded from both apple and android app stores free of charge. 

    The Waxman myenergi Showroom

    With the ‘zappi’ EV chargers selling out on pre-order months in advance and each myenergi training day filling up time and time again, the future looks increasingly bright for the new partnership. Ever so, that we decided to dedicate a wall in our PV and battery storage showroom to depicting how each product in the myenergi range links together so that visitors can see for themselves.

    Designed in house, the new showroom features the eddi, harvi and hub, as well as both a tethered and untethered zappi models in both black and white which you can view below.

    Want to view the showroom yourself or book onto the next training day?

    Get in touch with our fantastic team, and we’ll be sure to help. 


  • Waxman Group Ltd. Announcement

    Waxman Group  Announcement to all Waxman Energy Limited Customers 

    Tuesday 23rd July 2019

    Waxman Group Limited is delighted to announce the formation of our new subsidiary company Waxman Battery Storage Limited.

    With effect from Thursday 1st August 2019, all battery storage products, currently being distributed by Waxman Energy Limited, will instead be distributed by Waxman Battery Storage Limited.

    All solar and associated products will conti

    nue to be distributed from Waxman Energy Limited.

    Due to the widespread customer and media focus on green and climate issues, and the growing demand for battery storage, we believe that now is the right time to form a new company in Waxman Battery Storage Limited. This new company will allow us to better meet the needs and requirements of our battery storage customers, whilst continuing to offer the same first-class products, knowledge and service.

    We hope you are as excited as we are about this new company and look forward to our continuing trading relationship in the future.

    Sam Waxman - Director

    Waxman Group Limited

    For any questions regarding credit accounts, future purchasing or anything else, our team have all the answers.

    Call now on 01422 374114 or email

  • Waxman Energy Named Sustainable Energy Company of the Month

    Waxman Energy Named Sustainable Energy Company of the Month

    What a great month it's been for Waxman Energy so far!
    With our upcoming fully booked product training days and a fantastic turn out at Fully Charged Live in partnership with VARTA Storage, it was fantastic to hear we had won 'Company of the Month' in the Business & Industry Insider's 'Sustainability Today'.

    Read the full article below.

    Waxman Energy – Making it Easier and Cheaper for You to Switch to Solar Power

     Sustainability Today is delighted to have selected Waxman Energy as our Sustainable Energy Company of the Month. Waxman Energy - of the Waxman Group – is the one stop shop, supplying everything needed to turn a facility’s energy green.

     The Waxman Group was formed over 60 years ago and the company is still under the stable management of the Waxman family. It would be a slight understatement to say that a lot has changed in the energy industry since Waxman Energy were established. What has remained constant, however, is the company’s strong emphasis on supplying installers of PV (photovoltaic, or solar powered) energy systems with the widest range of the highest quality products possible and for the most competitive price.

    This is in no small part due to the workforce and work environment cultivated at Waxman Energy’s headquarters in West Yorkshire; the team are as dedicated as they are passionate about the products they provide and pride themselves on building and maintaining excellent, productive and efficient relationships with manufacturers and customers alike. Indeed, Waxman Energy has always strived so as not to be considered a faceless company, disconnected from their clients and partners. Well, thanks to the consistent first-class customer service and attention to detail practised by the team at Waxman Energy, they have acquired a reputation for nothing less than excellence.

    Supplying both to commercial and residential builds and projects, Waxman Energy is big enough to supply the largest of projects – their 40,000 ft² of warehouse facilities can hold huge amounts of stock, ensuring the delivery of a reliable and consistent service and supply of PV products – yet still pay the same amount of attention to smaller projects and builds.

    With solar energy being the fastest growing of energy technologies, there is no better time to utilise the excellent advancements made in the technology, and both make savings to energy bills and do your bit to offset your carbon footprint. Couple the advances in PV technology with the stark reduction in cost and there is little wonder why residential properties are embracing PV technologies.

    But it is not simply the residential market which has seen a steep increase in demand for PV technologies, with businesses more often expected to play their part in offsetting emissions and take a responsible stance with regards to their carbon footprint. Waxman Energy allows a wide range of business and organisations – be they schools, factories or office blocks – to implement changes in how they obtain energy by offering a fully comprehensive PV package.

    Stocking everything a contractor would need to install a PV energy system, Waxman Energy supply: solar PV modules, grid-tied inverters, PV power storage, mounting systems, PV kits, and PV accessories. Waxman Energy have gone a step further, however, investing in a purpose-built training and showcasing room  designed to teach installers how to correctly install PV systems while also training sales staff, giving them in-depth knowledge regarding their products – all with the aim of providing the customer a service second to none in quality and professionalism.

    With approximately 15,000 readers nationwide, Business & Industry Today includes the 'Sustainability Today' supplement focusing on energy and sustainability

    View the full Business & Industry Today publication online.

  • Waxman Energy Stays Strong Despite Difficult Climate

    We were thrilled to have been selected as a 'Top 10 Exhibitor' in Sustainability Today's Solar  & Storage Live review.

    Read our full article below, or click to Sustainability Today online

    Waxman Energy Stays Strong Despite Difficult Climate

    Whilst the UK solar market has been very challenging in recent years leading to solar PV companies closing left right and centre, Waxman Energy rides the wave - instead, opting to increase their product portfolio and expanding into the EV Market.

    Part of the Waxman Group, with over 50 years in the distribution industry, Waxman Energy have grown to become one of the UK’s largest distributors of solar PV modules, battery storage, and mounting solutions - offering their customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for both residential and commercial solar installations. 

    In 2019 alone, Waxman has partnered with both Tigo and Myenergi, with the introduction of ‘Zappi’ - an eco-smart charge point manufactured in the UK. Their 40,000 sq. ft of warehouse space enables them to hold extensive stocks on site allowing for next day delivery on hundreds of items.  

    With a strong and growing team lead by Sam Waxman, Waxman Energy understands the challenges that lay ahead post FiT cuts and offer product training days combined with extensive technical support, giving installers an opportunity to adapt to the industry at its ever-increasing speed.

    Despite a difficult climate, Waxman Energy sees long-term potential in solar and looks to the future with partners such as Trina SolarTalesun and VARTA Storage as they push ahead within the PV, battery storage and EV charging markets.  

    For more information about any of our upcoming product training days, call our team on 01422 374114 or find out more over on our website.

  • Waxman Energy Announce Sarah Wallace As New Sales Director

    Waxman Energy Announce Sarah Wallace As New Sales Director

    5th March 2019

     Elland, UK: Waxman Energy is delighted to announce the promotion of Sarah Wallace to the position of Sales Director.

    The new position reflects the continued growth of the West Yorkshire based firm which has seen them partner with several new brands this year including Tigo & Myenergi, with the introduction of ‘Zappi’ - an eco-smart charge point manufactured in the UK.

    Part of the Waxman Group, Waxman Energy Ltd. is a specialist distributor of solar PV, battery storage and EV Chargers and believes promoting Sarah to Sales Director will aid in their continuous expansion as their product portfolio grows throughout 2019.

    Chairman, Richard Waxman, commented:

    "Sarah has been a great addition to the Waxman Energy team, bringing both her professionalism, energy and total commitment to our business. She will surely help us to expand and drive our company forward”.

    With a strong and growing team lead by Sam Waxman, Waxman Energy are well known for their product knowledge and extensive technical support. More recently, turning their attention to product training days, giving installers the tools and support needed to adapt to the ever-changing solar market.

    Speaking of her position, Sarah said:

    “I have been with Waxman Energy for almost 12 months and to have been recognised for my hard work is a proud moment for me. I’m really pleased to have been given this fantastic opportunity within the company, and I look forward to some exciting times ahead”.

    For more information or to contact Sarah directly, please call 07771845347 or email

    About Waxman Energy Ltd.

    As part of the Waxman Group, with over 50 years experience in the distribution industry, Waxman Energy prides itself on only sourcing the highest quality products from some of the world's leading brands. As part of their service, they offer a full design package for solar PV, battery storage EV charging products.


  • Residential PV Self Consumption is Optimum with VARTA Energy Storage System and Solar iBoost

    Residential PV Self Consumption is Optimum with VARTA Energy Storage System and Solar iBoost

    Waxman Energy, the exclusive UK distributor of the VARTA pulse is excited to announce a collaboration between VARTA Storage and Marlec as they work together to allow homeowners to benefit from free hot water from their PV array.

    Both available from Waxman Energy the VARTA pulse 3 & 6 and iBoost from Marlec work seamlessly to capture excess energy which is diverted to a hot water cylinder immersion heater - effectively using water as the storage medium.

    Not only are both the iBoost & VARTA systems easy to install, but with the built-in Solar iBoost display, homeowners are able to effortlessly view the amount of diverted energy in real time. Historic figures are also available for easy monitoring over time.

    Both the Solar iBoost and VARTA pulse 3 & 6 are available to purchase from Waxman Energy.

    Click here to download and share the full press release from Marlec & VARTA Storage

  • Trina Solar Named As Top Bankable Module Supplier Third Year In A Row

    Trina Solar Named As Top Bankable Module Supplier Third Year In A Row

    In this year's bankability report,  leading global solar panel manufacturer Trina Solar has received the top rating for the third consecutive year.

    Published by Bloomberg NEF (BNEF), Trina Solar is the only module manufacturer to be rated as fully bankable three times in a row by 100% of industry experts setting them apart from the competition.

    Executive Vice President of Trina Solar, Rongfang Yin was delighted by the report, commenting:

    "We are very proud of the great result Trina Solar has achieved once again in this renowned industry report. The fact that we keep holding the top spot for the third year in a row is not a coincidence, but reflects a solid financial situation and healthy quality record, which are both valued by banks and investors around the world who are deeply involved in project financing.”

    Yin believes this unbiased distinction may "give additional reassurance to companies looking for a reliable long-time partner in an industry situation characterised by uncertainties and where more fragile players are dropping out of the market.”

    Waxman is delighted to hear about the new report and also their emergence as "Top Performer" on the PV Module Reliability Score for the fourth time since 2014.

    Want to read more about Trina Solar's new ratings?
    Click below to read the original post over on their website:
     Trina Solar: A Top Bankable Module Supplier, Third Year In A Row

    View our full range of Trina Solar modules on our website

  • Are you ready for Green GB Week?


    Are you ready for Green GB Week?

    On the 10th anniversary of the Climate Change Act, this week marks the start of Green GB Week, led by Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, Claire Perry MP.

    Green GB week aims to bring both businesses and communities together to celebrate the UK leadership on climate change and discover new solutions and technologies to tackle climate change - one of the biggest challenges in the world today.

    Since 1990, the UK has cut their emissions by over 40%, with clean growth placed at forefront of both the governments Industrial Strategy and Clean Growth Strategy

    Clean Growth
    Clean growth is a term used widely in the media. But what does it mean?
    Simply put 'clean growth' is all about growing our national income, whilst still cutting our greenhouse gas emissions. The UK's early action on clean growth has lead to a vast increase in low carbon technologies with this sector supporting over 400, 000 jobs with no signs of slowing down.

    In 2018, the UK produced enough electricity without burning coal for a record-breaking 76 hours which is a landmark step for the UK and our commitment to tackling climate change.

    "Our goal is to leave our environment in a better state than we inherited it, and I’m proud to say that the UK has led the world in tackling one of the greatest threats – climate change."  - Claire Perry

    For more information on Green GB week and upcoming events, please visit the Green GB & NI Website

  • Compact Energy Storage System VARTA pulse Now Shipping in the UK with String of Successful Installs

    Compact Energy Storage System VARTA pulse Now Shipping in the UK with String of Successful Installs

    Elland, UK: After a successful UK launch, the smart energy storage system - the VARTA pulse is now ready for shipment to the UK as part of an exclusivity agreement between German based VARTA Storage and Waxman Energy of Elland in West Yorkshire.

    After successful installations across five UK test sites, the first VARTA pulse was installed in a self-built project located in the Ulster countryside in Cumbria. Home to Bill and Sharon Tyrer, the project features a 6kw roof PV array and benefits from a south facing roof meaning that his chosen ‘VARTA pulse 6’ is often full by 10am. In the first 13 days of install alone, Bill and his wife had only purchased 17p from the grid.

    Speaking of the first VARTA Storage install, Bill Tyrer said:

    “The installation was straightforward and included intuitive software which allows me to take control of my energy usage by monitoring generation, feed in, self-consumption and grid consumption. Instantly after installation, I found that I increased my self-consumption and can see for 6 months of the year I can be grid independent, hence reducing my electricity expenditure"

    With over 130 years of battery expertise and significant investment into product development, VARTA Storage has always been one step ahead with an unparalleled desire to excel in safety, quality and reliability.  The VARTA pulse 3 & 6 is no exception and features an integrated multi-stage safety concept.

    As well as being safe, the VARTA pulse line is also smart, providing seamless integration with smart homes, e-mobility and data logging. Benefiting from an open system, users have total freedom and flexibility with the reassurance that the pulse will work with their existing products.


    Steve Saunders, Key Account Manager for VARTA Storage UK said,

    "It was great to meet Bill and his wife Sharon and to witness first-hand how they were using the pulse system to maximise their self-consumption from their own generated energy - leading to huge savings.

    Bill's company "Dalliam" were used for installation work during the UK testing phase with Bill being so impressed with the storage system, he purchased a pulse 6 on release day for his own self-build project - what a great seal of approval for pulse"

    Wall mountable and adjustable, the VARTA pulse is available in two capacity sizes; 3.3 kWh and 6.5 kWh and measures just 60 x 69 x 18.6 centimetres, making the unit perfectly suited to domestic environments where space is limited.

    Its compact size allows for a fast one-man install, setting it apart from its competitors. Coupled with a European support base and 10-year warranty, the pulse is the perfect choice for those who wish to generate, store and monitor their own energy with full control.

    The VARTA pulse is available for purchase by contacting Waxman Energy directly or online 



    About Waxman Energy Ltd.

    As part of the Waxman Group, with over 50 years’ experience in the distribution industry, Waxman Energy prides itself on only sourcing the highest quality products from some of the world's leading brands. As part of their service, they offer a full design package for solar PV, battery storage and the full range of Rolec EV charging products.

    About VARTA AG

    VARTA Storage GmbH focuses on intelligent energy solutions for customized battery storage systems for OEM customers and the design, system integration and assembly of stationary lithium-ion energy storage systems. The VARTA AG Group’s operating subsidiaries are currently active in more than 75 countries around the world, with five production and assembly facilities in Europe and Asia as well as distribution centres in Asia, Europe and the United States.

    Media Contact:

    Jemma Walsh

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