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Monthly Archives: July 2017

  • PRODUCT RELAUNCH! The AUO (BenQ) Sunforte Solar Panel Range

    We’ve recently re-launched our AUO (BenQ) SunForte PV Panel with some new and improved features to help make the most out of your solar panels! AUO are known for providing industry leading reliability and their latest panel is no different, satisfying stable power generation for the long term. To find out what makes these panels so different from any others on the market, keep reading…

    SunForte Solar Panel


    The sustainable and environmentally friendly SunForte panel is now available with an extended 25 year product warranty, a service available with no other panel in the UK. The warranty covers the entirety of the product, including the cells and frame, in addition to any workmanship required. Perfect for large scale projects, this solar panel is one of the most cost-effective solutions we've ever produced, benefiting from a cost reduction despite the additional benefits!



    Alongside the extended product warranty and cost effective production, the SunForte also features a high module efficiency of 20.6%. This guarantees an energy output of 95% for 5 years and linear degradation to 87% for 25 years, providing excellent durability against the effects of weather, pollution, UV light exposure and ageing over a long period of time. Perfect for large scale projects due to its affordability and high efficiency output, the panel also provides pleasing aesthetics thanks to its black frame and cells.

    The SunForte has been certified with high PID resistance up to Diamond level, a self developed reliability test by AUO which is actually higher than industry standards. The tests demonstrated exceptional quality for stable power generation. The panel is built from mono-crystalline silicon, which yields the highest power outputs in comparison to other types of panels, producing up to four times the amount of electricity as thin-film solar panels. The back contact cells also add to the performance, enhancing light conversion space due to the strings being hidden behind the panel.



    The SunForte’s highly strengthened design provides durability in the most severe weather conditions, meeting 5400 Pa loading requirements for snow. Equally the panel also performs well in extremely hot conditions, thanks to the low temperature loss coefficient at high temperatures. Its superior performance in all weather conditions gives this panel the flexibility to perform well in any environment!

    Harsh coastal weather would not be an issue for the SunForte, as it complies with the IEC 61701 Salt Mist Corrosion Test to provide resistance to salt corrosion and humidity. Salt mist can cause the panel’s glass to be obscured and components such as frames and junction boxes to be corroded if left unprotected. The junction box itself is also protected due to its IP-67 rating, providing advanced protection against water and dust.






    The SunForte Solar Panel provides an affordable, efficient and cost effective solution to any project whether large or small. We’ve rounded up all of the features and benefits in our comprehensive list below for you.


    • Aesthetically pleasing mono-crystalline composition
    • 20.6% conversion efficiency rate to meet diversified solar energy system requirements
    • Guaranteed output of 95% for 5 years and linear degradation to 87% for 25 years
    • Superior performance in hotter weather conditions
    • Back-contact cell technology enhances light conversion space
    • PID resistant, fireproof and resistant to salt corrosion, humidity and ammonia
    • Highly strengthened design complying to meet advanced loading tests
    • Advanced water and dust proof levels due to IP-67 rated junction box
    • Meets and exceeds MCS standards
    • 25 year product warranty
    • Available in four power variations – 325W, 327W, 330W and 335W



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