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Monthly Archives: April 2017

  • Solar battery storage: a future energy solution for all?


    "Britain's energy networks are unprepared for the growing number of electric cars and solar panels and ministers must intervene to prevent a "disaster" of "rising bills, blackout risk and angry consumers", the Green Alliance has recently said.

    Taken from a recent post in The Times, the article continues to explain that a report suggests that the unmonitored charging of electric vehicles could cause power shortages if just "six closely located vehicles" were to plug-in at the same time.


    Conversely, the solar power industry causes the opposite problem for power grids when demand is low because when a solar panel system yields excess power, if battery storage isn't fitted that excess is dumped back onto the National Grid. This leaves the government with the difficult choice of either "barring people from installing solar panels or undertaking costly network upgrades".


    Solar battery storage, however, retains the excess power, storing it instead for later use (i.e. during the darker hours). An upward trend in solar power systems with battery storage fitted could therefore be a solution that networks could explore further in capturing the excess to the power supply and integrating it as widely as possible.

    With power shortages being predicted as a very real possibility within the next decade, developing a more flexible power system will no doubt have to be high on the government's agenda for energy infrastructure. Waxman Energy has really got behind solar battery storage as we see it as the next important aspect to solar energy.

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