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STA sets out industry storage priorities

STA - Solar and storage opps - Oct 2016

With a significant shift in the solar industry throughout this year, focus has now been placed upon energy storage and how it can integrate with solar systems to benefit consumers and businesses. As system costs are becoming more affordable, making the technology more accessible to the consumer, it has now become clear that there is a need for a firm agreement of industry storage priorities.

The Government is soon to public a ‘smart power’ paper which calls for evidence on storage forms and related technologies. Ahead of this, the Solar Trade Association has published a position paper on the interaction between solar and energy storage and the organisation’s initial proposed actions in this field...

A clear Strategic Priority

The STA believes that storage should be a ‘clear strategic priority’ for the government. Referring to the technology as a ‘game-changer’ for power systems and consumers around the world, the STA believes that storage can be advantageous to not only the domestic consumer, but the commercial market; the Government is key to unlocking storage at all scales to help the UK benefit economically.

Level the playing field

Urging the BEIS to prioritise the resolution of regulatory barriers which are preventing fair treatment for storage within the power system, the STA draws attention to the absence of legal definition of storage in the UK and EU. The main issue this causes is ‘double charging’, where storage is changed for both importing and exporting power, despite the clear benefits it offers. By resolving this issue, a level playing field can be established for energy storage.

The perfect match

As those in the solar industry will agree, the STA believes that solar and storage are the perfect match when it comes to the economic and environmental benefits both technologies can contribute. The optimum potential of storage might not be exploited fully if the government continues to increase business rates, which could have a knock on effect to the commercial uptake of both technologies.

The STA’s position on energy storage        

New STA logo - March 2015

The STA’s immediate focus will be on laying the foundations for a strong and sustainable solar + storage market. It will endeavour to ensure that the solar + storage industry can develop naturally with a strategic long-term vision, a clear regulatory framework, and strong standards and consumer guidelines. This is broken down into two main parts:

  • Domestic solar & storage priorities
  • Large scale storage priorities

The STA’s policy will be focussed on creating the right environment to enable a safe and high-quality solar and storage industry to flourish.

For more information about the STA’s Position Paper on Energy Storage head to the organisation’s dedicated page. You can also download and print the full PDF online.

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