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Benefits of product training

product training

Whether you’re an installer or sales person, having in depth knowledge of your subject matter and the products available is vital to ensure you’re customers gain trust and complete the sale. Topping up existing skills will help you offer valuable advice and information as to the latest technologies and Government subsidies available, but what if you’re asked a little more about a particular product? Would you know enough?

This is where product training becomes beneficial. Of course, knowing about a broad range of products will help you give advice to customers requiring various systems; however your product knowledge could be your secret weapon when it comes to converting customer enquiries into sales. Being able to show how a particular product works and suits your customer’s needs will not only give you more confidence to sell but will also give your customers confidence in you and the product.

This is why product training is so important. If you’re considering taking on a new product that has just entered the market, there are often free training events to help highlight its key features and benefits, as well as offering installation and maintenance information, these provide you with the perfect opportunity to maximise your sales potential.

The benefits you will gain include:

  • Overcoming objections

By understanding more about a product than simply the pricing structure and availability, you have a bigger vantage point to overcome objections. If your customer seems unsure about a product, it is usually because they have little understanding of its benefits to them. Your training will have provided you with enough product knowledge to put your customer at ease by being able to offer in-depth and bespoke product information and how it compares to similar products offered by competitors.

  • Enthusiasm

When pitching a product you have little knowledge about, you will naturally exude little enthusiasm as your confidence will be low. From learning about the product in a training session, you will have the confidence to discuss the product’s key advantages which will naturally make you more enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm in a product, combined with your credibility as an industry expert will speak volumes to your customers, which helps sales.

  • Understand the difference between features and benefits

Features and benefits are important sales tools that are often not used to their full potential. Anyone can reel off a manufacturer’s key features for a particular product, but how will these affect or benefit your customer?

Product training will help you recognise how a feature can benefit customers, in a number of different situations, so your sales pitch is more bespoke and relevant to each individual customer you speak to. For example, selling an inverter on its ranging compatibilities from domestic to commercial installs will not benefit a small residential customer.  But letting them know that there are larger sizes available should they ever want to upscale their system in the future, might appeal more.

If you have more knowledge about a product, you will have more conviction when it comes to passing the information on to your customers, this in turn gives your customers confidence in you and your products.

Waxman Energy understands just how important product knowledge is for installers and sales people, which is why we are dedicated to offering free training events for most new products we stock. We will soon be announcing new training dates for our Solar PV battery storage range; please keep checking our blog for more details.

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