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The advantages of rooftop PV

Rooftop solar PV installation

When we think about solar PV, we often associate it with rooftops of residential homes and commercial buildings. Rooftop solar installation is commonplace throughout a whole host of sectors across the UK due to the wide range of benefits its presents, from space saving to optimum positioning; this blog explores all the advantages rooftop solar PV has to offer.

Space saving

For many homes across the UK space is at a premium; not just indoors but out. Cities see terraces upon terraces populating residential areas with little to no outdoor space, so ground mount solar is simply not an option. However rooftops, which are usually left unused, are the perfect space saving solution for solar PV panels.

Panels can be installed to suit most residential roof sizes and this is thanks to the developments in efficiency where fewer panels are required for optimum energy generation. This means that even homes with smaller roofs can benefit from the free and abundant energy of the sun.

Businesses can also take advantage of the space saving solutions that rooftop solar present. Commercial premises are usually very vast with rooftops mostly remaining unused. Savvy and environmentally conscious businesses can benefit greatly from having a rooftop solar system installed upon their roof as it will reduce daily running costs for electricity and will boost their corporate social responsibilities in that they are actively helping to reduce their carbon footprint.


The aesthetics of solar panels have increased tremendously over the past decade, however many homeowners still find their appearance a little off putting. This may deter many residential customers, who have large land capacity, to install ground mount solar. An appropriate solution is having all black panels installed upon the roof.

All black panels are less obvious against slate rooftops and reflect less light, which is a huge advantage to those who live in large neighbourhoods, as minimum glare will be given off.


For solar panels to have the best effect, they need to be installed in such a way so they will attract optimum energy from the sun. Therefore, South facing panels will receive the best results as they will be always in the direction of the sun’s rays.

The way UK homes are built, lends solar PV perfectly to roof top installation. Slanted to drain off the rain at a pitch of 30-40 degrees, solar PV panels can be applied almost flush to the roof for optimum positioning and energy generation.

With commercial installations, this is a little different as rooftops are mostly flat. This type of installation commands a more design considerations in order for optimum energy generation to be achieved. Panels will be placed upon the roof at a 30-40 degree angle facing South East or West, depending on what is most attainable, with factors such as shading and obstacles.

Waxman Energy is a specialist in the design and distribution of solar PV systems so can help installers plan and position solar PV systems, of various scales, for optimum results. For more information about this service, please get in touch.

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