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The benefits of solar PV battery storage

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The solar landscape is changing, with little to no Government subsidy on new residential PV systems, users are looking for ways to maximise the benefits of solar PV in order to make the most of their investment. The solution? PV battery storage.

Solar PV battery storage has been a long time coming. Previous attempts of entering the market have failed due high price brackets and lack of demand (the FIT was still offering favourable incentives to homeowners), where end-users saw investment unfeasible and unnecessary.

However, as the industry evolves and newcomers to PV are faced with a less than appealing FiT payback plan, now is the perfect time for battery storage to flourish. It has had more time to develop and manufacturers have worked on ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs to ensure customers are willing to purchase such necessary devices. This is why we’re seeing such a surge in demand.

Battery storage for PV has many benefits and with models on the market available for both retrofit and new installations, it means even those with good FiT rates can maximise their self sufficient electricity supply while receiving regular payback for what they generate. But what are these benefits? Here we will break them down into two categories – retrofit and new.

The benefits of PV battery storage on new installations

Ensuring you highlight the benefits of battery storage when quoting for a new solar PV installation means you will be able to offer your customers the opportunity of further solar independence and quicker ROI.  On new installations PV battery storage benefits include:

  • More control over the energy that is used. Gone are the days of having to time electrical appliances to sync with hours of optimum PV generation. New PV and battery storage users will be able to use their PV generated electricity whenever they want, which is usually in the evening.
  • ROI can be calculated more accurately. Rather than having a PV system installed and them a battery storage system fitted after, new uses will be able to see their system as a complete package, which will help you and them calculate their ROI more accurately.
  •  The whole system will be new. Opposed to retrofit systems, users of completely new solar PV battery storage packages can benefit from the fact that all their devices are new and were installed simultaneously. This means they won’t have any problems with having to update panels before their battery storage system, making their energy generation and storage work to the optimum.
  • Increased efficiency. New customers can benefit from new and more modern technological advances, in all products throughout the system. By ensuring they choose high-efficiency panels and combining them with an equally efficient battery storage system, end-users will have an installation that is future proofed.

The benefits of retrofit PV battery storage

  • More for your money! Users who have already got solar Pv installed will undoubtedly be getting a better FiT rate than newcomers, so battery storage means that they can get more for their money by saving on bills while still earning favourable financial instalments for the energy they generate.
  • Prepared for the future.  As highlighted above, the solar industry is changing and soon battery storage will be a necessity for all PV customers. By becoming early adopters users are not only preparing for the future but they are making the most of the technology available, sooner rather than later – thus gaining more control of their PV energy.
  • More independence. Gone are the days of having to time electrical appliances to sync with hours of optimum PV generation, retrofitting PV battery storage means that users can use the energy they have generated at times when it suits them.
  • Gain Control. Solar PV battery storage systems have interactive user interfaces that monitor and track performance and use, which means users can keep tabs on how much energy they are saving, using and feeding back to the grid (if any) – this will help them to understand where all their energy goes and make energy efficiency improvements if necessary.

Here at Waxman Energy we evolve alongside the industry offering the latest technologies that meet user demand. This means we have a growing portfolio of solar PV battery storage products from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Discover our battery storage collection here. 

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