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Delia Smith is the latest advocate of domestic solar

Delia Smith

A deep care for the climate has spurred celebrity chef Delia Smith to commission her very own ground mount solar PV installation at her 18th Century Suffolk home.

Supporting UK solar, Delia Smith has had 24 PV panels installed on the grounds of her Grade II listed cottage – the location of many successful cookery shows over the years – to help combat the environmental effects of climate change. The system will help to generate cleaner energy for the public figure to use independently, before using energy from the central grid.

Delia's Ground Mount Solar

The PV application was submitted in November 2015, where Delia and her husband Michael Wynn-Jones planned to have a ground mount system installed in a nearby meadow, owned by the pair. After Mid Suffolk District Council concluded it would be “barely visible” from outside the grounds, with no detriment to the integrity of her historical home, installation took place with the new system now in full working order.

Delia's Suffolk home is Grade II listed

Delia and her husband care deeply about the climate’ and want to play a part in trying to avert environmental ‘catastrophes, which is why they decided to take the plunge and become proactive in their attempt to help reduce the affects of global warming.

The celebrity chef told the Daily Mail: ‘It may seem a drop in the ocean – but then the ocean is made up of little drops, and we would encourage anyone who can to do the same.

‘I think anyone who really reflects on the problem would want to play a part and do anything they could to avoid the inevitable catastrophes ahead. Certainly the only effective way to do this is if everyone is together.’

This news just proves that solar PV is a realistic option, not only in the bid to reduce climate change, but also for domestic users. There are various options that consumers have to choose from, should they wish to take an active approach on the solar independence and Waxman Energy can help.

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