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Commercial PV focus - mounting systems and design

Commercial PV - mouting systems

For many businesses the need to ‘go green’ is more than simply an environmental decision, rather an economical strategy. The smaller carbon footprint and higher corporate responsibility might be important but, in a marketplace where competition is fierce, reducing overheads and differentiating against competitors is vital to keep ahead. Solar PV is the perfect solution.

Unlock rooftop potential

Many businesses across Britain have a whole wealth of solar potential, without even realising. Solar PV is ideally placed upon the roofs of buildings to capture the sun’s UV rays and generate free electricity; this untapped potential can be maximised to provide hospitals, schools and offices with lower bills and help to contribute to their green credentials.

Otherwise dead space, the rooftop can be utilised to generate optimum energy and, because business premises have a larger surface area than residential houses, large scale PV systems can be put in place to ensure enough solar energy is harvested to power the whole building with ease. Regardless of the roof’s shape, there is a solar PV solution to meet the energy needs of the business and this is thanks to the high-quality and innovative mounting systems that Waxman Energy can offer.

Mounting Systems

As a part of our commercial offering, we are including Schletter and Renusol mounting systems (depending on system specifics) to ensure the safe fitting and mounting of solar PV panels. We work with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers to ensure that PV systems are easily installed and remain durable, even in the toughest weather conditions.

Schletter has been in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years, offering solar mounting solutions for a range of customers. Focusing on sustainability and innovation, their special production procedures ensure only the best products are used for the job, giving them the ability to offer individual solutions that have been developed in-house from start to finish.

Renusol patented PV mounting solutions can be used for most common commercial, industrial and private systems. Available in European and American markets, their sophisticated solutions facilitate the safe mounting of solar PV systems to a variety of roof types.  

Design Service

Waxman Energy can help design the rooftop PV system with panels, inverters and mounting systems to offer a realistic project plan, its ideal positioning and its potential yield. Developed by in-house CAD and solar PV experts, the design is an accurate rendering of how the PV system will work and look, with all products installed, considering shading and potential obstructions to ensure the ideal arrangement is installed.

For more information about Waxman Energy’s high quality PV mounting systems and the products we have available, please head to our products page, which will list Waxman Energy’s full portfolio.

To discuss commercial solar options with one of our experienced team and work on a solar PV solution that would suit your needs, please contact 01422 374114 or email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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