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Commercial PV focus – Sungrow Power inverters

Commercial solar Sungrow

Solar PV can have abundant benefits for businesses and with the costs of electricity ever increasing, it’s becoming an economic option to reduce overheads and increase independence from the grid. This, compared with increasing industry regulations that require businesses to take a more responsible role in the way they manage and use energy, means that commercial solar is a credible contender to help companies meet a number of guidelines.

Expanding market

Businesses that take that extra step to ‘go green’ are adhering with increasing regulatory pressures. This means that environmental charges for excess carbon emissions, caused by grid connected electricity and gas systems, will be diminished.  This is especially important for large public sector and private sector organisations.

Furthermore, it has been reported that 65%* of consumers think it’s important to buy from environmentally responsible companies. By turning to commercial solar, and actively promoting these green credentials, businesses can tap into a large customer base that shares a concern for the environment, who are in-turn more likely to return because of that extra mile that has been taken to cater for the wider needs of customers and the environment.

*figures sourced from research courtesy of the Carbon Trust

This means that high-quality, durable and reliable PV systems must be in place in order to generate efficient solar energy. Solar PV panels from Ben Q will help to harvest electricity from the sun, with 95% performance guarantee, and combined with Waxman Energy’s Sungrow Power commercial inverter offering, electricity can be fed to the business for employees and visitors to utilise.

Sungrow Power Inverters

Sungrow Power is one of the industry’s leading inverter brands and is the second largest supplier in the world, based on volume shipped. With continued growth over the past five years, Sungrow Power is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most installed inverter brands thanks to its large range of highly efficient and reliable products.

Their range of grid-inverters under the SunAccess name are popular for use on commercial PV projects and have the benefit of over a decade of research and development to ensure they offer the best performance possible. Waxman Energy’s SunAccess commercial inverter offering encompasses inverters from 10kW – 60 kW capacity, of which include the SG-60KTL; the world’s first commercialised string inverter with over 99% efficiency.

Key benefits of the Sungrow brand include:

  • No. 2 supplier in the world
  • Over 30% of employees are R&D engineers
  • Stock market listed
  • Over 12GW installed globally
  • Global presence
  • High efficiency

For more information about the Sungrow Power commercial inverters we have available, please head to our products page, which will list Waxman Energy’s full portfolio.

To discuss commercial solar options with one of our experienced team and work on a solar PV solution that would suit your needs, please contact 01422 374114 or email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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