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Give Solar PV a little TLC


Here at Waxman Energy, we’re always looking for ways to help installers and end users improve and maintain the efficiency of Solar PV panels. There’s a number of PV accessorises out there that optimise output and help improve power generation, but if the panel itself isn’t looked after, then the power received will never be as high as it can be. This is why we have put together a few tips in why PV installations should have regular health checks.



One of the main reasons for keeping a close eye on Solar PV systems is to ensure that they meet the safety requirements that comply with standardised regulations. Electrical testing is required to ensure the system is safe and working as it should; the IEC 62446 recommends periodic verification of a PV installation to ensure that everything is up-to-date and specifies any changes that need to be made and documents this as proof that appropriate precautions and tests have been made.

Environmental exposure


Solar panels are made to be robust in order to face the forces of nature and in Britain that is no mean feat. They’re exposed to sun, which is what makes them harvest energy and generate electricity, but at the same time they’re vulnerable to damage by rain, wind and snow – all of which can have an effect on the efficiency of the power generation. Not only the panels themselves are at risk of damage here, corrosion to cabling and connectors can be caused by excess moisture and can decrease performance – regular electrical health checks will identify any faults like this for further repair.

Warranty expectancy


The warranties of some solar PV systems are dependent on ensuring the panel has undergone the proper tests, as recommended by the manufacturer. Periodic electrical testing will help pin point any faults in the PV system to ensure safety and optimum energy performance, keeping on top of this will keep the system under its warranty, as well maintain its efficiency.

System Efficiency

efficiency 2

Solar PV systems are usually installed after being well planned where potential return on investment is realistically considered, with lower bills and the FiT instalments in mind.  Due to this, verifying system performance and energy output is highly important, as any failures or faults can have quite an impact on this ROI calculation, making the investment less fruitful. Electrical testing will ensure the desired ROI is delivered and that efficiency is consistently high.

Waxman Energy is one of the UK’s leading solar PV and accessories distributor and works with some of the world’s most respected brands in the industry. This combined with our excellent customer care and design service, means that Waxman is your only choice for solar PV systems!

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