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Five reasons to install solar PV in 2015

Solar PV stock

In 2014 Waxman Energy was made aware that although over 50% of UK homeowners would be inclined to install Solar PV for their homes, the majority of all UK homeowners were unaware of the incentives and developments in PV that help provide them with favourable benefits.

Although industry press is teaming with this information, it’s evident that this is yet to leak in to domestic markets and awareness is apparently lacking, so here we’ve put together five of the main reasons why 2015 is the year to invest in solar PV.

Reason #1


Reduce your carbon footprint – As we enter 2015, it means that we’re just five years away from our aim to increase renewable energy contributions to 15% before 2020. Although considerable progress is underway, with a multitude of solar farms and renewable heat technologies gaining popularity both domestically and commercially, the UK is still working hard to meet this goal and solar PV can help significantly.

By implementing a solar PV system, it means that the energy generated is coming from a free and abundant source, that’ll never run out. Therefore as an alternative to grid energy, which has harmful effects on the environment; your carbon footprint will be reduced substantially.

Reason #2

cut costs

Lower energy bills The electricity we receive from the central grid is ever increasing in cost and, as mentioned above, inflicting damage to the environment. By choosing to implement solar PV as a main, alternative electricity source, it means that the energy needed from the grid is lower – making monthly bills less.

Reason #3

financial incentives

Financial incentives When considering solar PV it’s worth knowing about the incentives available to help subsidise the cost of installation and the payment schemes that will help to pay for the power that is generated. The FiT, or Feed in Tariff, is a great incentive that means owners of low carbon, energy generating systems can get money from their energy supplier from the power that is generated. Regardless of whether the energy is used or simply surplus, the owner can reap payments, while benefiting from lower bills.

Reason #4

future proof

Future-proof the homeWith 2020 targets making the nation become a lot more savvy with the way it looks at energy consumption and how to reduce carbon emissions, it means that renewable energy products and technologies are more popular than ever. By fitting solar PV now, it means that for the next 20 years (average warranty period) you can be the owner of an innovative technology that saves you money while ensuring the home is as energy efficient as it can be for years to come – increasing the value of the home.

Reason #5


Become more independentWith a solar PV system, not only will the energy that is generated be from a more independent and sustainable source, but it will offer solutions in the way of being able to manage the supply. This means that homeowners will become more in control of how they use their energy while being less dependent on grid energy, therefore gaining independence in energy generation and management.

Waxman Energy believes that the power from the sun is one of the most powerful tools in the battle against global warming. By harvesting the suns energy (which is abundantly available) and converting it into electricity, people and communities across the UK can benefit from a sustainable energy supply that is clean and cheap, something that Waxman is dedicated to promote.

For more information about the solar OPV systems that are available to domestic and commercial users, visit the products pages of the Waxman Energy website and select from a wide range of reputable products.

Should you wish to speak to an expert, the Waxman Energy Team is at hand to clear up any unanswered questions, simply call 01422 374114 or email and they will be more than happy to assist.


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