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Spotlight on: Mastervolt Soladin WEB inverter series


Who is Mastervolt?

Established in 1991, Dutch manufacturer Mastervolt has built itself  an excellent reputation in the maritime industry. From this specialist know-how and experience, the company has been able to expand into the solar market, with a range of inverters. Supplying to solar markets throughout Western Europe since 1995, Mastervolt inverters help to generate high yield from the sun’s energy to hundreds of satisfied customers - the Soladin WEB series is one of these.

What is the Soladin WEB series?

The Soladin WEB series is manufactured in the Hollnd HQ of Mastervolt and is suitable for installation in all European countries. Available in capacities of 1000Wac and 1500Wac, the series aims to bring solar energy to everyone’s reach with integrated wireless LAN connection that links with the Mastervolt web portal ‘IntelliWeb’, to help users monitor solar systems whenever, where ever they are. And, because the Soladin series has been designed to get the best from the solar panels, in all conditions, it means that even on the most cloudy day optimum yield will be attained.

The Benefits                                                                         

  • Big performance: Although compact in size, the Soladin can hold its own in the power stakes. It can offer professional performance for small PV systems and because of its WiFi capabilities; further performance monitoring can be made.
  • Intelligent: Having WiFi capabilities, linking to any existing connection, users can monitor their inverter system via the ‘IntelliWeb’ Mastervolt portal. Here users will see an easy to follow overview of energy yields, as well as it’s financial and eco credentials, all updated in real-time.
  • Reliable quality: Having been expert in its field for over 20 years, Mastervolt understands the workings of a high-quality inverter and the Soladin WEB series is no different. It’s guaranteed to be ‘trouble-free’ for years and has been manufacturerd to meet strick Netherlands quality control standards.
  • Easy installation: Boasting an installation time of just three minutes, the Soladin, it ready to plug and play in an instant. And, because it is almost silent once installed, it is ideal for indoor positioning.

If you’re looking for an intelligent inverter with bags of potential that can be used on domestic solar systems, the Soladin WEB series is ideal and will help to produce highly efficient power.

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For more information about Mastervolt and their corporate history, check out their dedicated brand page on this site, this will also give you an option to browse the inverter range.

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