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Spotlight on: Samil Power’s SolarLake


Who is Samil Power?

Samil Power Co., Ltd. is part of the Samil Group and was established in 2008. It is one of the world’s fastest growing solar inverter companies, specialising in the manufacture of single grade grid-tied inverters for the solar industry. Samil Power can offer an inverter solution for most solar systems, from domestic to small commercial installation. 

What is the SolarLake?

The SolarLake is available in sizes from 12,000 – 30,000 TL-PM and offers exceptional build quality, reliability, high-efficiency and easy installation at a competitive price.

The benefits

The SolarLake has three key features; simple and flexible, open and interactive as well as secure and efficient, which all aid in the inverters ability to provide optimised power and efficiency to any solar system it is installed in.

Simple and Flexible: With a simplified system design the SolarLake has a wide input voltage range of up to 1.000V and because of its durable IP65 rating, it means it can be placed anywhere on site, reducing the restrictions that standard inverters have and making it more flexible to install.

Open and Interactive: With an LCD interface selection and incorporated keypad, as well as Wi-Fi connection possibilities, users can benefit from system monitoring and control. This means that users can remotely log in to the Samil Power monitoring portal to keep track of their systems performance and identify problems instantly.

Secure and Efficient: The integrated DC switch on the SolarLake means that it is safe to operate and because it boasts a high efficiency of over 98%, users can experience high earnings from the energy that is generated throughout the 10 years it is guaranteed.

If you’re looking for a flexible inverter that is suitable for most solar PV systems, Waxman Energy is positive that Samil Power’s latest inverter offering can provide the ideal solution and will help to provide true value to a complete solar system.

Waxman Energy can offer SolarLake series on the newly designed eCommerce website, where you can now order online! Simply log in and find the GoodWe 3600 Inverter, choose between either the DS or SS models,  then add to your shopping cart where you can then pay online through the various secure payment options we have available.

Remember: Samil Power has the Mission to ‘Think Global - Act local’, which means they have the capacity to research and devleop their products through their large market share, yet can provide local support due to their international base.