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Flat roof PV

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Solar PV can be installed in a number of ways, in numerous places, depending on the project specification and limitations. Commonly, domestic installation is seen on roofs – this utilises unused, un-shaded and premium space to ensure that the household is generating and receiving optimum sunlight. Commercially, ground mount installation is a popular choice, especially in the agricultural industry where floor space is abundant.

It’d be a sin not to include flat roof PV, too. Granted, in the UK flat roofs are rather rare; due to the likelihood of rain and snow, as well as seasonal after effects like leaf fall and heavy wind residue, houses are more protected for the weather with a sloped roof.  However, as conventional styles are being rejected in favour of a more modern approach, it’s becoming more and more common for houses to have flat-roof sections integrated with the build. In fact, research has shown that almost 72 percent of UK houses have sections of flat roofs installed – who knew?

 All the more reason for this blog post! Offering a large surface area, flat roofs are potential suntraps; in the summer they can attract optimal light due to their vast space and because PV is installed at a slant, any leaf residue and inevitable rainfall from the colder months will simply slide straight off meaning that energy can be generated even in the winter months. Especially when installed after flat roof waterproofing measures have taken place.

Although requiring a little TLC in the winter, a flat roof can provide the perfect platform for PV installations as it uses space that would otherwise be redundant. And, what’s more, the panels are less visible from the ground which makes them more discreet than conventional installations; this means that they are the ideal application for utilising unused space and reaping the rewards in the way of free power generation and savings on energy bills.

Commercial projects, that Waxman Energy has helped with, have used flat roofs to create on-site large-scale solar installations that greatly increase energy generation and reduce usage from the grid. This helps with a company’s corporate social responsibilities, as it shows that they are proactive in reducing any harm to the environment that they may have caused through heavy reliance on grid electricity.

Another advantage of flat roof PV is that it still qualifies for Government incentives, like the FiT,  which has been set up to encourage further uptake of renewable energy by offsetting the cost of installation.. This means that owners of the system can receive payments for the energy they have generated whether used, stored or fed back to the grid, helping to reduce utility bills.This means that owners of the system can receive payments for the energy they have generated whether used, stored or fed back to the grid, helping to reduce utility bills.

No matter how PV is installed; flat roof, ground mount or sloped roof, it is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to reduce energy bills and help the carbon footprint that households, communities and even nations are treading. Due to this, its cost is becoming more and more affordable, making it more accessible for the domestic market and paving the way for a brighter, greener future.

For further information about the flat roof systems that Waxman Energy can offer and to discuss your FREE PV design, call Waxman Energy on 01422 374114 or email and one of the knowledgeable team will be happy to help.

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