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High-efficiency PV panels – taking solar energy to the next level


The solar market is vast and abundant - ever evolving in innovation and technology. For us in the industry, this is great to see; however with ever emerging products it’s easy to be blind sighted by solar and forget the features that can make a considerable difference. Waxman Energy believes that solar harvesting can really have a positive impact on the end user (domestic and commercial), where endless benefits can be reaped. Choosing a PV module that will increase power output can really enhance these benefits. 

The evolution of the high efficiency module is in the midst of all these PV innovations and boasts higher conversion efficiencies than others – this can really make a difference....

  • A high efficiency solar module will absorb more sunlight, which in turn will be more efficiently harvested to generate greater levels of power output, up to 330W.
  • High efficiency PV modules can deliver better yield performance, compared to their conventional counterparts. This is due to their ability to retain high levels of power from broader light absorption, within a surface area the same size as standard panels.
  • Compared to other panels, with efficiency conversions between 15% - 17%, high efficiency modules are able to deliver between 18% - 20% and more.

By installing a high-efficiency PV panel, or set of panels, the end user will experience numerous savings in cost and energy and with the FiT (Feed in Tariff), commercial installations can receive regular payments from the Government for the energy that is generated from solar PV - even when consumed!

Waxman Energy presents high efficiency modules from both LG and Ben Q that can each perform to the abilities listed above and, with their own unique features on top of this, they are a must have for any solar project.

Check out our great products, the Ben Q MONO Sunforte, with a new higher power class and LG’s MONO X Neon and take solar energy to the next level!

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