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Spotlight On: Solar Max – SM – 4000P Inverter

Solar Max

Who is SolarMax?

Originating in Switzerland, SolarMax was formed in 1991 through Sputnik Engineering AG, with the mission to provide the highest efficiency, operational reliability and durability, complemented by extraordinary after sales support. One of the first manufacturers to specialise in converting energy obtained from the light of the sun into mains-compliant alternating current, SolarMax is now one of the leading brands, supplying grid-connected solar inverters and matching solutions for system monitoring.  There’s a SolarMax product for any application, whether it’s a domestic PV system or large scale solar plant, there’s an inverter to suit.

What is the SolarMax – SM – 4000P Inverter?

One of the first manufacturers to develop the transformer-less inverter, SolarMax continues its trademark with the P series. The SM-4000P is a part of the P series, which is a transformer-less string inverter that has been developed to cater for small solar plants in residential areas. It has a wide range of features that makes it one of the most reliable inverter options on the market.

The benefits

  • High efficiency:  Offering efficiencies of up to 98%, the SM-400P can provide maximum energy yields .
  • Simple and Flexible Installation: The simple connection concept of the P series means it can be installed almost instantly, saving time and money.
  •  Reliable: Manufactured with Swiss Quality to boot, the P series is robust, intuitive and innovative, all the while offering maximum efficiencies as standard.
  • Safe: Due to the divided connection range, the communication connections also provide safe access. For instance, Firmware-Updates can be performed quickly and easily.
  • Intelligent:  With a Plug&Play function, connecting to Internet routers and establishing a direct connection to a local area network are possible. This means you can check the performance data at any time at home using the cost-free SolarMax MaxMonitoring app.

The P series boasts a new ‘dual tracker’ concept wherein east west arrangements or odd numbers of solar panels are no longer an issue. Module tolerances? No problem, they can be compensated too, making every roof surface an ideal platform for power generation. The existing single tracker mode is also still available.

Waxman Energy can offer the 4000P Inverter along with the rest of the P series, ideal for residential accessible solar plants, on the newly designed eCommerce website, where you can now order online! Simply log in and find the SolarMax – SM – 4000P Inverter and the rest of the P series, then add to your shopping cart where you can then pay online through the various secure payment options we have available.

Remember: SolarMax is a part of Sputnik Engineering AG, which has been utilising the power of the sun for more than 2 decades. Their highly efficient range of SolarMax inverters provide a solution for any type of PV installation, backed by 20 years manufacturing experience and fantastic technical support.