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Record high renewables results!

renewable energy vector

Renewable energy technologies contributed almost 20% of electricity towards the UK’s energy supply in the first quarter of this year, Government figures show.

These results, compared to 2013, show almost a 50% increase in renewable power generation. This has been put down to high winds and rainfall in the past year and an increase in new solar farm construction.

Generating 18.1 TWh in the first quarter of 2014, UK renewables have produced 43% more energy than in the same quarter of 2013. This is a nod in the right direction to help build awareness of renewable energy and further work towards our 2020 targets.

With one of the wettest winters on record just behind us, it has boosted both wind and hydropower production with a huge surge in output for 2014. Onshore wind generation itself has grown by 62%, let alone offshore results almost doubling. With all the rain the past year has seen, it’s not surprising that hydropower has increased too, by a massive 78%, with a record level of 2.2TWh per quarter.

"...each hour of every day the Earth’s surface is in receipt of enough solar energy to power the whole world for an entire year."

As we know, the construction of large solar farms has seen a huge surge this year, ahead of tariff cuts in April. This has resulted in a 1.1GW capacity added to the grid in the initial quarter of 2014; over half of this is through large scale solar.

By the end of quarter one, the UK had installed a total of 20.8GW renewable energy technologies, up by 15% from the same time last year. News that will be welcomed by the Government, which is currently working hard towards EU targets to generate 15% of its energy from renewables by 2020 –expected to require over 30 per cent of electricity to come from renewable sources.

Our belief in solar power is justified in this article, first published by the Guardian. By harvesting the naturally abundant and free energy that the sun constantly supplies and using it to power our homes and business, our energy crisis could soon come to an end.

In fact, each hour of every day the Earth’s surface is in receipt of enough solar energy to power the whole world for an entire year. By spreading the word of solar and all the positive affects it can have on every one of us, we could one day find a solution to completely harvest that energy and become totally independent from fossil fuels.

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