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Make the home more energy efficient

Starting at home - a few simple changes can reduce energy bills significantly Starting at home - a few simple changes can reduce energy bills significantly

Solar PV is a great way to increase independence from the grid and reduce those ever rising energy bills; however there are also other measures to take that will really ensure that the home is using only the necessary power it needs. Here, Waxman Energy provides a guide to help create a more energy efficient home, with just a few minor changes.

Energy Supplier

We all know too well that the constant power struggle between electricity supplier’s means that rates can fluctuate from one year to another, so shopping around for the cheapest supplier at the end of each term could prove beneficial. There are many comparison sites out there that can do the hard task of collating all the relevant information, and by switching to the cheapest option rather than maintaining loyalty could cut the initial rate of bills considerably.

Switch Off!


One of the most common energy wasters is forgetting to turn lights off when leaving a room. Lighting accounts for around 20% of the electricity bill, so ensuring it is only used when needed could reduce the annual cost significantly. Simply getting into the habit of flicking a switch, is all it takes to make savings, what could be easier?

Use energy saving light bulbs


The next time a bulb goes in the house, instead of purchasing the usual, buy an energy saving alternative. This could cut energy wastage by up to 75% and last over 10 times longer than the traditional bulbs. They do cost a little more, at around £3.50 per bulb, but considering that it could last years and save up to £100 off bills in its life time it’s worth the initial cost.

Goodbye Standby


Although super convenient to simply click the remote and turn off the TV, it’s also really bad for energy saving. TV’S, PC’s and games consoles are the main culprits for sucking up all this unnecessary energy, so remember to switch it off at the switch and socket to really see savings.

A and AA Apliances

Energy svaing appliances

The good thing about white good appliances in the home is that they are made to last a long time, however as that good old trustworthy washing machine may still be going strong after x amount of years, it may also be rinsing through electricity too. These days appliances like this are given energy efficiency ratings, with the highest rated A and AA, updating any old appliances with new and greener counterparts could not only perform better but use over a thirst less energy to run.

Go Solar

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The solar option is a great way to considerably reduce energy bills and manage the energy that is used. Installed on the roof or ground, depending on the installation size, a solar PV system will provide the home with enough energy to power most everyday appliances with only grid power needed as back up. There are Government lead schemes that can subsidise the cost of installation, making PV a more realistic and greener option.

Waxman Energy specialises in the distribution of solar PV and works with some of the best independent installers to help provide quality products and service.

Take a look at the wide selection of PV products that Waxman can offer, from some of the world’s most renowned brands and for further information about anything solar related, please call 01422 374114 and speak to one of Waxman's expert team.